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Hands In Service is a non-profit organization that restores dignity to those who feel abandoned through tangible acts of love that many take for granted.

CHANGING A LIFE IS EASY | Are you ready to become someone's life line?

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Give Back

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Who We Are

Our mission is to provide individuals, groups, businesses, and churches an opportunity to transform the life of someone in our community. Whether it’s delivering a food hamper, preparing a meal, or vacuuming the carpet, volunteering is easy.

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Our Clients

Hands In Service provides basic house cleaning, laundry and simple food preparation for those in our community under the age of 65 who have health concerns or disabilities that limit these very basic activities in daily life; at no cost to the client. We also partner with local food banks to deliver regular food to those with limited access to the food bank due to health issues or financial constraints.

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Our Volunteers

We make changing a life in the Okanagan as easy as possible. Those who have an extra hour during the week, or even during the month, volunteers their time. They are families, friends, church groups and individuals who have a heart to restore hope and dignity to those in our city who need simple, tangible acts of love.

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Hands in Service has kept me independent. It would be impossible to manage without my volunteers. I would have to live in a group home or something and this would be very upsetting to me.

Food Delivery

  • Delivers a monthly food supply to an individual or family struggling to access food assistance. More Info…

Cleaning Blitz

  • Pays for one blitz to restore a disabled or ill client`s home to a state of cleanliness and organization. More Info…

Ongoing Cleaning

  • Provides on-going cleaning and food prep for those who are physically unable. More Info…

Your Choice

  • Every donation helps. Let us know in the special instructions where you’d like your donation to go and we’ll make sure it gets there. More Info…